We work closely with the NGOs that share the same mission and vision as ours. Lahari ,
Sphoorti Foundation and Charumathi Child Care Centre have been the three associates that
we have been working the most with

'V' Care thoroughly scoured several organizations to find out which organizations are clothed in 'V' Care's Mission, Vision and Philosophy; and
of these organizations 'V' Care carefully studied and selected the really needy ones who 'V' Care can support and stand by them.

Lahari Oldage Home and Child Care Center

Lahari is an orphanage and an old age center based in Hyderabad, taking care of abandoned orphan children and the elderly. It is a home of joy for 20 children and 16 elderly people. V care is the sole caretaker for lahari, we take care of all the needs of these housemates by ensuring that the children and the elderly people here live a peaceful and happy life without having to worry about any of their basic needs. V care provides ration, shelter, education for the children, medicines and healthcare facilities. V care also ensures emotional and psychological support to ease them out of their sorrows.

To be a part of our initiative please contact 'V' Care at 9700 3333 88

Sphoorti Foundation

is an orphanage run by Mr. Srivyal, an enthusiastic social worker. Sphoorti Foundation today houses 200 children. Of them 100 are boys and 100 are girls. The boys and girls are housed in separate premises. All the children are in the age group of 4 and 12 years. 'V' Care provides complete support for 50 kids at Sphoorti by providing them the best of quality nutritious food, good health and quality education.

For further information contact 'V' Care at 9700 3333 88 or Mr. Srivyal at 94901 20168.

Charumathi Child Care Center

Charumathi houses 60 children all afflicted with HIV. Charumathi is located in Nalgonda district in Andhra Pradesh. It was started by Mr. S. Naga Sena Reddy. Mr. Naga Sena Reddy, a devoted social worker, was moved by the trauma of these HIV-affected children. He decided to do something for them. And so he established Charumathi Child Care Center to take care of these HIV-affected children. 'V' Care supports the cause of Charumathi by providing these HIV-affected children with food material every month; except the rice and vegetables.

For further information contact 'V' Care at 9700 3333 88 or Mr. Naga Sena Reddy at 94406 51089 or 96666 56416.