Welcome to 'V'Care

V' Care is a voluntary organization, initiated with a motive to help the needy, in every facet possible.
Shoring up other aid organizations, working with the same objectives, as ours, is our main undertaking.,
'V' Care is registered under the Andhra Pradesh Societies Act (Registration Number 1087/2008).
The activities of the organization formally commenced on the 22nd of March 2009.
We channel the tiny streams of contributions, of different individuals,
to the equitable charity and ministers to their survival.


'V' Care is a voluntary charitable organization founded in the year 2008 by a
group of dynamic passionate youngsters whose heart bleeds at the sight of poor
and hapless starving children devastated by utter poverty.


'V' Care's mission is to take orphaned, abandoned and HIV-affected children and
poor poverty-ridden children under its wings of love. 'V' Care also takes care of
destitute children including girls whose lives are being crushed under the yoke of
child labor and utter poverty.

WHAT `V` Care DOES ?

Since its inception in December of 2008, 'V' Care is struggling hard to keep its
spirit of service alive. 'V' Care always short of funds, yet undeterred. Without
losing an iota of enthusiasm 'V' Care is marching forward in its mission.